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The Sultry Saddle, And Its Perks For Adventurous Couples : Gold Coast Escorts

Of the hundreds, if not thousands, of sex positions, the woman-on-top is perhaps one of the most desired (by both men and women).  The woman-on-top (i.e. the cowgirl, riding etc.) refers to a collection of sex positions wherein the guy just lies on his back (or sits) while the woman straddles him, either backward or  facing him, while the guy inserts his hardened penis into the vagina or anus. Here’s a look at one of the woman-on-top’s variants, the Sultry Saddle.

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Gold Coast Escorts

The Sultry Saddle & Its Relation To The Cowgirl Position

The Sultry Saddle sex position is somehow correlated with the cowgirl position, with the receiver mounting or “riding” their partner, in a way a traditional cowboy rides his or her horse. It is referred to as one of the most delightful positions, because it’s fairly easy to achieve and maintain sexual pleasure for both partners. So the next time you’re in bed with your girlfriend, spouse or Gold Coast Escorts, try the Sultry Saddle (as well as other woman-on-top positions).


How It’s Done

Although there are no clear-cut instructions on how to do the Sultry Saddle (as evidenced in the websites which talk about popular sex positions), the image depicting it shows similarities with any woman-on-top position. Here, the “giving” partner lays on his or her back, while the receiver mounts and straddles their leg.

According to women who’ve already tried it, the position appeals to them because they can support themselves by sitting on the back of their partner’s thigh. The woman however, has to be careful if his partner has a bad leg or hip (i.e. an injured leg or hip), although the Sultry Saddle should offer ladies different angles, as compared to the conventional cowgirl position.

The Pros Of Doing The Sultry Saddle

There are a number of advantages to doing the Sultry Saddle position. First, the girl riding on top can easily wiggle around, until she feels comfortable (or until she feels that her G-spot’s being hit already).All the woman needs to do is climb on top, straddle him from one side in between his legs, and move like you’re being bounced around by a gentle but running horse (and feel the guy’s pubic bone massaging your clitoris).


The Sultry Saddle position also provides guys with wonderful profile views of their woman once she gets into her rhythm.  As she sits sideways astride you, you’ll surely have fun watching her enjoy the best ride of her life.


The Sultry Saddle’s Disadvantages

The position is actually great for couples who long to do something out of the ordinary in bed. The downside however, is that it might take some practice before the girl (and the guy) get it right. Some women rate the Sultry Saddle 2/5 on the difficulty scale. To spice up the occasion, couples could try using vibrating cock rings, a bullet vibrator and a desensitizing cream or gel.


With the Sultry Saddle, men and their spouses (or their favorite Gold Coast Escorts) can experience greater, more innovative heights of sexual pleasure. It’s because the method allows the guy’s throbbing dick to effectively reach and tickle the other sensitive spots inside her, and it also gives him the opportunity to see her enjoying the ride!

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