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The Secrets To Improved Confidence Between The Sheets

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Pretty sure you’re one of those who feel uncomfortable naked before your very partner, especially if it’s your first time to have sex with him. Fret not; you’re not alone. So many women out there feel self-conscious in bed, for a variety of reasons, the topmost of which is body issues. But, maybe not the gorgeous Gold Coast Escorts. They’re the kind of women who aren’t only oozing with sex appeal, but also, overflowing with self-confidence.

Experts say, we should all be comfortable in our own skin, after all, we’re the owners of our bodies. And besides, a man considers his significant other sexy not because of her body alone but the entire package. Here’s what the erotic experts advise when you haven’t moved on from your insecurities.

How To Feel Confident And Assured Between The Sheets

1. Do your due diligence – research on sex.
To reduce or totally eliminate your insecurities about your own sexual performance, the easiest way to learn is to watch porn. Although many say that porn acts are far from the realities of life, still, it’s a good source of ideas. Observe their techniques and make sure to apply them during your own sexual exercise. Or better yet, read about sex tips, watch tutorial videos, or if not, consult a sex counsellor.

2. Engage in meditation exercises.
Sex is really bad when your mind is distracted by many things. When you meditate, you can cultivate mindfulness which enables you to acknowledge your thoughts, discard them, then, take your focus back to whatever you’re doing. Think about how this can greatly apply to sex. In addition, mindfulness can help you concentrate on your goal. For instance, “I want to live the moment with my lover.” For simple meditation exercises, you can download the app, Headspace.

3. Do whatever feels wonderful to your body.
This depends on every woman according to how she feels about her body. If you feel sexier in a lacy see-through lingerie, go ahead and wear it in the bedroom. Apart from that, eating healthy and doing regular exercise can help boost your sexual confidence and that can fuel your energy for lovemaking. Love your body by avoiding food and drinks that results in weight gain.

4. Keep communication lines open.
Be honest with your lover in telling him what you want under the covers. If a sex act feels good on you, coax him to do more. If something hurts, tell him so he could stop. And don’t be obliged to do something against your will like, if he wants to give head, tell him you will but that you cannot reciprocate because you don’t feel comfortable being given oral.

5. Look your partner in the eye.
Establishing eye contact with him makes you forget about yourself for the moment, and your thoughts will be filled only of him.

6. If all else fail, switch the lights off.
If this can remove your insecurities, go ahead, make love in the dark. Or otherwise, ask to be blindfolded and maybe later, you’d feel more comfortable sexing with the lights on.

Although appearance is important, let it not be a hindrance to an enjoyable time in the sack. The seasoned Gold Coast Escorts have to be overly stunning because of their job. You need not copy them.

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