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The Mood-Enhancing And Mind-Altering Virtues Of Semen

Gold Coast EscortsA study conducted by two famous evolutionary psychologists from the State University of New York somewhere in the 1990’s has stumbled on a host of shockingly amazing data about semen. Yes, that’s semen, the white stuff that guys ejaculate when they orgasm. What researchers found has now created a buzz about the mood-enhancing and mind-altering virtues of semen. Let’s read more to find out what the experts discovery.

A Study On Menstrual “Synchrony” Reveals A Lot About Semen

While the study conducted by researchers initially focused on “menstrual synchrony”, it stumbled upon a lot of eye-popping facts about the wonderful elements in semen. This should make guys and their spouses or favourite Gold Coast Escorts, drool with delight.

The research team was supposed to validate the “McClintock Effect”, or menstrual synchrony – a process wherein women who live together, experience menstrual cycle onsets which become closer together in time, than previously.

What they instead found out was, sexually-active women who lived together with men, had better psychological and emotional states, as compared to lesbians. The reason was that heterosexual women were more exposed to semen, as compared to lesbians!

Semen Contains Bundles Of Mood-Enhancing Chemicals

The same research team also found out that women who engaged in sex, and never used condoms, showed far less depressive symptoms, as compared to those who occasionally or always used condoms.

Further, it noted that even the really promiscuous women condom users suffered from depression as much as those who practised total abstinence. The reason is, semen contains lots of mood-enhancing chemicals.

These feel-good chemicals include estrone (which elevates mood), prolactin (a natural antidepressant), melatonin (a sleep-inducing chemical), oxytocin,  serotonin (an antidepressant neurotransmitter) and cortisol (which increases affection).

Researchers said, the mood-enhancing and antidepressant effects of semen is not only limited to vaginal absorption, but, also through oral ingestion, or anal intercourse among heterosexual couples.

Yet, while the study team admitted that semen has loads of mood-enhancing chemicals, the penis just doesn’t dispense Prozac-like elements, but, potentially life-threatening sexually transmitted infections like the HIV-AIDS virus, too,  and others. Perhaps if you have sex only with your wife or partner, or if you deal with licensed call girls, then, you shouldn’t worry about your penis becoming a transporter of harmful toxins and viruses.

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