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Gold Coast Escorts – Sex Dreams: What Makes You More Likely To Have Them?

Have you ever had a “sex dream”? Well if you dream of sex regularly, then consider yourself lucky because sex dreams are the equivalent of watching porn in your sleep, and these are considered as one of nature’s most beautiful gifts to the unconscious! But if you’re one of those who rarely get a sex […]

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The Mood-Enhancing And Mind-Altering Virtues Of Semen

A study conducted by two famous evolutionary psychologists from the State University of New York somewhere in the 1990’s has stumbled on a host of shockingly amazing data about semen. Yes, that’s semen, the white stuff that guys ejaculate when they orgasm. What researchers found has now created a buzz about the mood-enhancing and mind-altering […]

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Gold Coast Escorts – Loosen Her Up and Turn on the Romance

When you need companionship on a trip for the weekend, or for perhaps a little longer, one way to get it is by engaging one of the gorgeous ladies at Gold Coast Escorts. These ladies aren’t just a sight for sore eyes, but they’re also great at giving you the company you want. Whether you’re […]

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Manhandle His Manhood And Send Him To An Orgasmic Overdrive

Did you know that the male specie’s body is definitely a hot seat of feel good zones? Experts have discovered at least more than five erogenous spots that when touched and teased, can send your man to a mind blowing orgasm. In their service of love to customers, Gold Coast escorts have definitely proven that […]

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Gold Coast Escorts – 5 Moves Guaranteed to Turn Her On

In today’s world, women are more open to any kind of kink. The same can be said of the ladies shown in the pages of Gold Coast Escorts, but that doesn’t mean they don’t find ‘the classic moves’ sexy. In fact, they see these moves as exciting as the latest sex toy. But what are […]

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4 Essential Etiquette Tips Clients Should Have – Gold Coast Escorts

To make the best first impression as a client, you need to follow proper etiquette in approaching these high end ladies. It’s not a secret that Gold Coast, the so-called city of seduction, is home to some of the hottest, and highly reviewed professional escorts in the world. Independent, modern-day courtesans in the metro provide […]

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