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Sex Positions That Are Predicted To Be Bedroom Hits This 2019

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What are the top trends of 2019? Well, we have eco-friendly fashion, CBD supplements, witch hazel skin-care products, and what else? Well, there’s another type of health fad that you’ll surely want in on this year, and it’s the buzziest new sex positions for the year!  Here are a couple of sex positions that are predicted to be the biggest bedroom hits of the year.

Missionary Assist

The standard missionary is so last year, and I bet your hookup mates, as well as your preferred Gold Coast Escorts, would see it as something quite obsolete already! However, this upgrade will likely rock your next 12 months or less!

Get in the usual position, then your lady stacks two or three firm pillows under her butt and as you enter her. The added height helps to open the hips for access to deeper penetration and/or access for anal penetration. In addition, with the ability to angle penetration upward, there’s more opportunity for you to stroke her G-spot!

Saddle Straddle

This fresh, new spin on the original reverse cowgirl is so powerful and puts the ladies in charge. While you lie on your back, she gets on top facing her feet and leans all the way forward so her body is low and straight, and she’s supporting her weight on her hands and knees, which rests outside your legs and torso! She then rocks back and forth as you hold her hips or sides to steady her!

The Saddle Straddle, however, can be quite intimidating for some women because it puts her butt and thighs right in your view. But then again, it’s 2019 already, and this is the year to let go of anybody inhibitions, and revel in power and pleasure, so might as well as this move to your usual repertoire!

Lazy Sunday

While 2018 moved at warp speed, 2019 should be all about slowing down, and that’s where this sex position comes in! Lie on your sides and face each other, then scoot real close and ask your lady to place her leg over yours, so you can easily penetrate her.

This allows you and your girlfriend, or your favourite Gold Coast Escorts, to both, have control over some movement, and with you and your partner gong slower, you can aim for a simultaneous orgasm, or incorporate lots of kissing and touching to enhance intimacy!

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