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Manhandle His Manhood And Send Him To An Orgasmic Overdrive

Gold Coast EscortsDid you know that the male specie’s body is definitely a hot seat of feel good zones? Experts have discovered at least more than five erogenous spots that when touched and teased, can send your man to a mind blowing orgasm.

In their service of love to customers, Gold Coast escorts have definitely proven that such areas in a man’s body are real. Here are ways on how to manhandle each of the three vital spots. When done correctly, you’ll be switching that bliss button on and arouse him to no end!

The Penis Head – This tip of his manhood is said to contain the most pleasure receptors than any other parts of his entire package. Where the male sex nerves converge, this spot has to be given the right pressure that can bring him to the brink.

How to stimulate? Think of the penis as a lipstick and apply it like you would normally do it. Close your moist mouth first and sensually brush the dick against your lips, horizontally from side to side. Next, open your mouth a bit and again, do the same.

He would surely feel like having a tighter, mini version of a sexual encounter. What will arouse him most? He can see you work lusciously over him!

The Shaft – This feel-hot spot refers to his entire love muscle that with even just a slight touch, will set him a-blazing.

How to do it? With his back on the bed, sit between his legs spread wide apart, facing him. Form a ring with your thumb and index finger, and ring around his middle shaft. With your thumb and index finger of the other hand, position the same, one ring on top of the other. Then, in an opposite direction, slide the rings lustily, one up the other down back and forth, from the base to the head, together at the same time.

This is a variation of the typical up and down motion using one hand only. With the friction generated by such motion, you wouldn’t be surprised he’ll be soaring high into ecstasy fast. Make it more explosive by putting droplets of lubricant into your hand.

The Testicle Crease – Many ladies choose to ignore this crinkly crease just hanging in there beneath the penis base. Little do they know that such region is packed with passion, ready to burst any time. When fondled, nerve-rich pleasure starts to trail from top to bottom along the scrotum.

How to pleasure? Cup both balls in one hand and gently press the first two fingertips of your other hand at the spot close to where the testicles connect to the penis base. Enjoy toying with twin jewels, running your fingers back up again.

Gold Coast escorts are masters when it comes to this type of stimulation. Take heed!


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