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Gold CoastEscorts – An Eye-Popping Look At the Fascinating Global Sex Trends In 2015

Sex, as we all know, has a place in every culture around the world. Without it, there wouldn’t be any cultures or traditions to speak of. It would therefore, come as no surprise that people’s view of sex often varies from one culture to another. It likewise holds well with how the different nationalities view sexual morality and other norms. Here’s an eye-popping look at the fascinating global sex trends for this year.

Icelanders Have Sex At 15, While East Asians Wait Until They Reach 23

According to a global sex survey conducted by popular condom maker Durex from 2005 to 2009, Iceland ranks as the country with the youngest age where people start having sex, with the average age at 15.6. Israel follows next, at 16.7 years old, then Brazil at 17.4 years old, and the United States at 18 years old. Perhaps, if these boys had nice and sexy Gold Coast Escorts in their town or city, then they’d probably call on them every week!

While the Icelanders and Israelis are on top of the list, the East Asians are lagging behind, and are waiting a little bit longer before they have sex. Just take a look at the Chinese – average age – 22.1 years old and the Malaysians – 23 years old.

The Greeks Have The Most Sex On A Weekly Basis

When it comes to sexual frequency, the Greeks are on top of the list. They have the most sex – weekly at 87%. The Russians and Brazilians are next at 82%, while just over half the people in the United States have sex weekly (53%). The least likely to have sex on a weekly basis are the Japanese at 34%.

The Nigerians Are The Most Sexually Satisfied

If you’re wondering which nationality or race is the most satisfied, then that would be the Nigerians, wherein 67% of them are very happy with their sex lives. The Mexicans follow next at 63%, while the Greeks are only 51% satisfied, followed by the Americans at 47%.

The least happy with their sex lives are the Japanese, of which their sexual satisfaction level is just at 15%. Perhaps too much work, and less hanky-panky are taking its toll on the otherwise workaholic guys and girls of the Land of The Rising Sun. Maybe, they need to have their own versions of hot and lovely Gold Coast Escorts in their towns and cities.

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