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Gold Coast Escorts – Yes, People with Autism Do Enjoy Sex, New Research Reveals

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If you think that persons with disabilities, whether physical or mental, do not long for sex, or enjoy shagging, think again. And while sex can be awkward and challenging for anyone, it can certainly be quite complicated for those who have autism. But nevertheless, those who have autism still do have sex, and that’s according to new research!

Headphones and Earplugs Make for Scintillating Sex Accessories
Do any of your hookup buddies, or the lovely and alluring Gold Coast Escorts, have a friend, co-worker or family member who suffers from autism? If they do, I guess they’re aware of the fact that autistic individuals don’t feel good when in a party or bar with lots of people talking, because the sheer number of different voices and sounds can overwhelm them!

But then again, the good news is that by using ear plugs, these individuals can discreetly shut out the noise of the outside world, In fact, some folks use ear plugs in the bedroom, as blocking out all the sound can help them concentrate on other sexual sensations, and make them feel heightened!

The earplugs and headphones also forces the person to pay greater attention to their partner’s movements and body language, especially when they can no longer communicate via speaking. For others who suffer from autism, wearing headphones is a perfect way for masking outside noises, and for keeping their focus intact during more intimate moments.

Being Clingy Can Be a Good Thing
For men and women who have autism, being squeezed and squashed can actually be a very good thing! While lighter touches can feel upsettingly tickly and squirmy, these special individuals find harder pressure on their bodies helps to centre and calm them.

One lovely lady with autism named “Claire” confesses that she “likes the feeling of being hugged by a lace corset, and enjoys the pressure sensations of being tied up”. And though Claire admits to trying restraints, and how they feel against her skin, she warns that you should have safety scissors, along with a safe word, to cut your partner free when things get uncomfortable!

Now that you know that people with disabilities or special needs do enjoy sex, I guess you should learn to value your erotic time too, and learn to appreciate the needs and desires of your bedroom partners too, which of course includes the lovely and sexy Gold Coast Escorts!

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