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Gold Coast Escorts – Ways to Deal When A Woman Cries

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The list of dos and don’ts when you’re dealing with people in a relationship can get confusing, or it can simply become tedious trying to remember what to do in certain situations. Being with one of the babes from Gold Coast Escorts can help ease the confusion. However, if you’re not with one of them, and you witness, say, a lady crying, what do you do?

Remember that there are different reasons for a woman’s tears – she could be laughing so hard that she’s crying, just as much as she could be crying tears of joy. If she’s crying because she’s sad, frustrated, or something else, though, there are ways you can help with that. Here are a few examples.

1. Reassure. Communication is important to her, even more so if she’s shedding tears over something. Let her know that you’re there for her, and that you’ll figure things out together. It also doesn’t hurt to ask if there’s something you can do to help, or if she needs to vent.

2. Listen. She could have had a bad day at work and that’s why she needs to vent it out somehow. When this happens, control your urge to try and ‘fix’ the problem. Remember that not all of them need to be resolved, and that she sometimes just needs you to hear her out. Let her rant, sniffles and all, and don’t suggest a course of action unless she asks.

3. Read. She may be too overwhelmed by emotion to vocally tell you what she needs, so pay just as much attention to her body language. Whether she needs space, or she needs you to give her a big, warm, hug, you’ll know. If it’s been some time and you can’t figure it out, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Whatever is causing her to tear up, if you read her body language, reassure her, and listen to her, she’ll start to feel better – even if, to you, it doesn’t feel like much. Doing so takes practice, so there’s no problem if you have a committed partner. If you don’t, but aren’t ready to play the dating game yet, just browse the gallery at Gold Coast Escorts for companionship – without the strings.

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