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Gold Coast escorts – Two Things That You Should be Doing With Your Partner

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In movies and TV, you often see couples lying in bed, their chests heaving in sweaty ecstasy, especially after finishing a round or two of hot, steamy sex. If you’ve seen these erotic movie scenes, perhaps you’d tell yourself, “Now what?” But then again, there are a lot of other details to consider after sex that can make or break a successful sexual encounter. Here are a couple of things that you’re not usually doing after sex, but should probably be doing.

Check in with Your Partner

If you think that sex is just as simple as “wham-bam-thank you”, think again. Aside from the literal things that you should be doing after sex with your hookup mate, or with your preferred Gold Coast escorts, there should also be an emotional component to after-sex care!

According to sex experts, in porn the end-result often shown is that everyone looks dewy and glowing, and that everything is perfect. But, the truth is that it is important to recap after sex, and check in with your partner. For example, find out what you and your partner liked, or didn’t like. By doing so, this will open the doorway for more sexy conversation, and it leaves room to offer suggestions on what could be improved, or skipped altogether!

Use the Bathroom

If there’s one thing that truly shows how considerate you are to your partner, it would be about basic hygiene, like going to the bathroom before and after sex! Regardless of your gender, peeing before and after sex gets rid of any bacteria that may get inside your penis or vagina during sex, which can also lead to urinary tract infections.

While this is  not something that we’re typically taught by sex educators or experts, or in movies and TV, this one’s important. In fact, most sex experts recommend cleaning yourself and your hookup buddy, or your preferred Gold Coast escorts, with alcohol-free baby wipes, as well as use a clean towel to clean yourselves up, and cover any wet spots!

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