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Gold Coast Escorts – Top 4 Things Holding Your Sex Life Back

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Sex is a great pastime. You connect with someone on a pretty intimate level, while reaping health benefits such as easing headaches and burning calories. You also can experience a mood boost thanks to endorphins released during the act, share the ladies at Gold Coast Escorts. But did you know your sex life could be better?

It turns out that any of the following can keep your sex life from reaching its full potential.

1. Grimy sheets. While it’s true that you can check into a hotel for a one-night stand, or for those dates where you and your partner pretend you’re complete strangers, you can’t do it all the time. You have to invite your partner to your home eventually, if you don’t live together.

So if you don’t change your sheets regularly, she’ll be able to tell. Obviously she won’t want to have sex on those.

2. Bad breath. You get used to your breath throughout the day, so you can’t tell if you have bad breath or not. Other people, however, can – and that’s not really sexy. Therefore, if you have sex and you haven’t brushed your teeth, or even just popped a mint or two, she’s not going to appreciate it.

Essentially, foreplay with a funky smell hovering in between you two will make things awkward, not pleasurable.

3. Approach to sex. Essentially, you keep your sex life from growing if you take it too seriously, or you rush through everything. Sex is meant to be savoured, but at the same time you need to be able to laugh at any slip-ups either of you make, whatever they are. If you’re not in the moment, your partner can tell, and that’ll take the fun out of the experience for both of you.

So don’t worry if you mess up in some way – getting tangled in the sheets, for example. Slow down as well and really savour the sensations, tickle and tease her senses before getting to the main course, so to speak. She’ll love you for it.

If any of the above are present in your sex life, you want to get rid of them – the sooner, the better. It’s not enough to perfect your skills with the help of the lovely vixens from Gold Coast Escorts. Any of the aspects above can cause your sex life to fizzle out if you’re not careful.

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