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Gold Coast Escorts – Top 3 Secrets to Not Look Like a Creep When Hitting on a Girl

Gold Coast Escorts

Gold Coast Escorts

Hitting on a girl requires some skill – and that’s the truth. You can keep practicing and keep trying to hit on one, but you won’t always be met with success. Engaging one of the gorgeous babes featured in the pages of Gold Coast Escorts means you can spend time with a warm and caring companion without going through the trouble of hitting on her, but would you really want to rely on them all the time?

If you don’t, then you have even more reasons to learn how to hit on a girl without accidentally coming off as a creep. The last thing you want to happen to you is to have the girl you were talking to just stand up and walk away. To help you avoid that, here are a few tips you should remember.

1. Keep your eyes open. Many women advise men against lurking, because that doesn’t help their image at all. If you’re at a bar, stay with your friends, but look around now and then. You may spot a girl who’s clearly interested in you, trying to make eye contact or even smiling at you. If there is one, you’ll have better luck with her, as far as hitting on ladies goes.

2. Have a conversation. You don’t need any pick-up lines; just introduce yourself, ask for her name, and start talking. If you keep talking about yourself, though, she’ll be less inclined to go out with you, so try and keep it balanced. Give her time to talk, because only then will you see who she is as a person – along with a few tips that will help you in planning your future date with her.

3. Suggest you hang out sometime. Test the waters to see how she reacts by suggesting the two of you meet up to just hang out somewhere. If you both like books, for example, mention you know a good secondhand bookstore and offer to take her there.

This is when it makes sense for her to give you her number, since she won’t know where to meet you and what time if you don’t stay in touch.
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