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Gold Coast Escorts: Top 10 Sex Positions

If you are going to have your personal, private time with Gold Coast escorts, there are limitless possibilities to how much pleasure you can get from their service. Sex is inevitable, that is a fact. Every man dreams of engaging in intercourse with a woman that is totally out of their league.

Talking about sex with escorts, we are also talking about sexual positions. Gold Coast escorts are evident experts of how to maximize pleasure when confronted with this kind of situation. They have the knowledge and skill to perform these positions so all you have to do is sit back and prepare for a pleasurable time.

For information purposes, here are top 10 most performed sexual positions, not only for escorts but for every couple around the world.

  1. Missionary. One of the most prominent and considered to be an intimate position, missionary enables eye contact and communication (perhaps dirty talk?) with your partner. For many women, missionary is a good way to share passion with your partner during sex.
  2. Woman on top. This position gives more control to the woman. Just like missionary, you can see your partner face to face, enabling you to talk, get eye contact and see his expressions.
  3. The table top. If you are planning to engage in intercourse outside the bedroom, this position can be great, all you need is a flat surface like a table (hence the name) to get it going.
  4. The spoon. For the lazy ones, the spoon can be great. The both of you need to lie on your side, “spooning” you from behind. Women need to open their legs and hoist them up to make it more convenient.
  5. Doggy. For some reason, men love this position more than anything else probably because it is more primal and they have more control over the situation. Some even say that doggy style has more access to the female G spot.
  6. The lap dance. If you are in for some fun with your time together, get an armless chair get him to sit on it and just play with it. The lap dance is not called a lap dance for a reason.
  7. The quickie. Role play scenarios such as office or home service settings can make use of this position. If your partner is wearing a skirt, you can have your way with her without taking her clothes off.
  8. The rocker. If you are looking for some excitement, the rocker can be a great position to be in. Though it is not for beginners, an element of surprise is added to it. It is characterized with the woman on top facing your feet with legs slightly apart and have her resting on her elbows while she grabs your ankles, quite complex.
  9. The L. One thing is for sure, this position is not for beginners. She lies on her side hoisting her legs at a 90 degree angle, he kneels in front and once he’s in, squeeze your legs together and you are good to go.
  10. Stand and deliver. Among the complex yet popular sex positions, stand and deliver is characterized with the woman hanging on you on a standing position while her leg is on your elbows.

For men and women that have an active sex life, sex positions are a good way to explore your body and its capabilities when it comes to intercourse. We need to be open about this rather than closed to the possibilities of attaining pleasure. Take a trip to the gallery for an all nighter with these beautiful ladies.

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