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Gold Coast Escorts – Tips to Maintain a Long-Distance Relationship

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Long-distance relationships have a bad reputation, perhaps because of the negative things that happen to couples who are separated by more than several miles of land or ocean. However, in this day and age, staying connected is easier than ever. You may turn to the lovely babes at Gold Coast Escorts now and then, but you can still build a good relationship with your significant other.

Here are some tips from the experts, when it comes to keeping the spark alive when you’re separated from your partner for days at a time.

1. Be straightforward. When you see she’s added a new bloke as a friend on Facebook, for example, get the story from her rather than going behind her back. Do the same for her – tell her if you reconnect with an old female buddy from school, for instance, so that she’s reassured and knows she can trust you.

2. Don’t nitpick. From deciding whose turn it is to go travelling to visit the other, to deciding who does the dishes each night, these details are small in comparison to keeping your relationship going. Cherish the little time you have together rather than wasting it on little squabbles that leave you feeling regretful.

If neither of you can let it go, though, agree beforehand on a schedule so that you can focus on each other each time you finally get to spend time together. Once the schedule’s set, make sure to stick to it, too.

3. Inject a bit of kink when you keep in touch. Sext each other, for example, or have a sexy video call over Skype. Write her a letter filled with the X-rated things you want to do to her when you’re together. Tell her, out of the blue, how you liked the new lingerie she wore the last time you saw her, and how horny you get just thinking about it.

This will tell her that, despite the temptation of, say, hiring one of the gorgeous vixens at Gold Coast Escorts, you find her the most alluring of all. This will help her feel more secure and, of course, turn her on something fierce. The next time you see her, you may end up having a quickie in the car, rather than waiting until you’re back at her place or yours.

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