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Gold Coast Escorts

Any sex is good, right? But somehow, there are some bedroom romps that are sexier than others. There’s something that sets them apart, and even the lovely babes at Gold Coast Escorts can’t deny that there are steamy sessions, and there are hot and sizzling ones.

Of course, you’d want to experience them for yourself, so what kinds of sex are the hottest of the hot?

1. Sex that starts with dirty talk. There’s a reason people still sometimes turn to phone sex and chat sex, and that’s because dirty talk can really be arousing when it’s done right. So how hot would it be if the person you’re talking dirty to is right in front of you?

When you talk dirty to her and she reciprocates, with both of you being as descriptive or specific as possible, you get each other anticipating your next moves. This does a lot to arouse you both – her, especially – before you really start taking clothes off.

2. Sex brought on by sexual tension. When you’re sexually attracted to someone but you don’t act on it immediately, that brings on sexual tension. Every time you see each other, you make contact and linger, kiss each other practically on the lips, but that’s it.

When you can no longer hold back and you’re both acting on your desires, you’re sure to be carried away by your passion. A roll in the hay of this kind will be nothing short of explosive.

3. Voyeuristic sex. It’s the kind of sex that happens when you’re on holiday with another couple, and you end up sharing a room. It doesn’t happen often, but when you add alcohol to the mix, the group’s inhibitions could go down just enough for them to start talking sex.

One thing will lead to another, and before you know it, each couple is daring the other to show off, or they’re just making out without caring if the others see. Body parts touch accidentally, sparks fly – you might even end up switching partners, if you’re okay with that.

Of course, the sex you have with a long-term partner can fall under any of these. But if you don’t have a committed partner and need some company in bed, just browse the gallery at Gold Coast Escorts. You’ll find the perfect babe for you.

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