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Gold Coast Escorts – The Guide to an Explosively Satisfying Beach Sex

The world is getting hotter and so are you. Temperatures are rapidly rising and you can’t always be reliant on the air conditioner to combat the heat. Admit it, sex in the bedroom is fun with the coolness coming from the ac but sometimes you just want the natural breeze.Cute Gold Coast EscortThe Gold Coast Escorts are known for their intense willingness to bring satisfaction to their clienteles. And because of the intense heat that’s circumnavigating the globe these days, their efforts extend in much greater heights. Here enters the beach! The water and the breeze coming from the vast shoreline just bring out the cool seeking, horny individual in you!

Sex on the beach is appealing but tricky. However, when you have the right elements within your grasp, it’s a guarantee that wet and wild will bring a new meaning to your erotic life!

Shoot for the night

Despite your brazen nature, you might want to tone things down by doing it when the sun is not high up in the horizon. This is ideal because it minimizes the odds of getting caught. Plus, the darkness will dull your vision but will heighten your other senses – making the sensation of touch more prominent.

Obstruction of vision

Find blockades that will not leave you susceptible to the first person who goes prancing around the shoreline with a flashlight. Try to look for huge rocks or sand dunes – just anything that can keep you and your playful lass out of sight.

Limited exposure

Wear clothes that can give you instant access to your love junks. When the going gets tough, you will need the sleekest way to get your feet back on track. Also, it’ll add to the excitement. Having to reveal a little skin here and there but the sensation remains the same. You throbbing cock will still be buried deep inside her and she will still be squirming with enjoyment.

Position for the motion

The best kinds of positions are the ones that can fully disguise the penetration – appearing casual and harmless (not to mention highly orgasmic). The most popular one is the spooning where you will be poised on her back with your penis buried and pulsating within the walls of her vagina. There is also the woman on top and the reverse cow girl position.

Make the towel your stage

If the sand gets in the way of your heated canoodling, it will most likely ruin the erotic moment. To make sure none of it gets caught in between, use a blanket or a towel. When things get too heated and a stranger happens to walk by, it can also serve as the cover so you won’t have to pull your throbbing rod out of her sultry wetness.

In taking in all of these tips, you will no longer be isolated to the idea of indoor sex! Check Gold Coast Escorts now and find the lass that will give you your wettest ecstasy yet!

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