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Gold Coast Escorts – The Erotic Storm That Hit Me (Part 1)

The night was cold and the wind was howling as the storm emerges. Buzz was too eager to meet his playful vixen from Gold Coast Escorts but it would seem that they would have to postpone their plans due to the severity of the weather. He was about to clean the scrumptious dinner he’d prepared when he heard the doorbell rang. Curious, he hurried to the door to find his lady, drenched and waiting.

Gold Coast Escorts“Hi, I’m sorry I came late. The weather turned really bad and I had trouble catching a cab.” the eye popping vixen voiced out.

Buzz was too astounded at her beauty to reply. She had a voice so sweet and alluring. She was wearing a nice button up white blouse and a skirt, which were completely soaked through. This caused her lingerie to be erotically visible for his eyes to feast on. The plumpness of her breasts were accentuated by her red bra that he couldn’t look away. He wanted to grope and kiss them then and there.

“Hey you’re Buzz, right? Am I at the right address?” she said once more and a little louder. This snapped him out of his lewd thoughts. “Oh, I’m sorry. I had something on my mind. Yes, you’re in the right house. Please, come in,” replied Buzz, turning slightly pale.

He ushered the lady inside and offered to dry clean her clothes. They had dinner and chatted with her wearing nothing but his button up shirt. This gave him a full on view of her luscious legs. In his mind, Buzz was already itching to get his hands all over her sexy body but he knew he had to wait.

Finally finishing things off, Buzz fixed the rest of the dishes as the vixen went to the bathroom. He was too absorbed by his thoughts that it took him a while to realize that she was already standing behind him, sliding her arms around his mid-section. “I know you’ve been itching to touch me…” she whispered seductively.

Swiftly, he turned around and wrapped his arms around her waist. She had already buttoned down the blouse to reveal her brazen breasts that are pushed up by her sexy red lingerie. Turns out, she didn’t go to the loo; she went to get her seductive pieces on. With the sight she has presented him with, Buzz could no longer hold out, he was so horny. He bit her neck hungrily and then moved to kiss her lips. They were soft and moist and she knew how to move them deliciously.

“You have no idea how much I wanted to ravage your body the moment you came in through my door sweetie,” he replied. Buzz was a big man and he took advantage of that by lifting her up to him and kissing her lips even more while massaging his tongue with hers. She kissed back and moaned from their intense make out session. He then carries her to the room to put into play what he had in mind the moment she walked in…

To Be Continued…

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