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Gold Coast Escorts – The Difference Between Hanging Out and Dating

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Relationships can be tricky to figure out, with the many categories your situation could fall under. What’s especially challenging is pinpointing if what you do is hanging out or dating. It’s different when you engage one of the lovely babes at Gold Coast Escorts, since you know exactly where you stand with her. For someone you may be interested in, though, it gets trickier.

To help clear the confusion, here a few signs to look out for.

Signs You’re Just Hanging Out

1. There are others present. You’re usually with friends – mutual or not – who are there in case something goes wrong. You’re in each other’s social circle, but you’re not close enough to get someone-on-one time. It may be disappointing, but every relationship needs to start somewhere.

2. Things are moving slowly. You spend time together, but there’s no pressure to speed things along. Whether you’re not as attracted to her as you first thought, or you both just want to take things slowly while recovering from a break-up, the fact is you’re just friends at this point.

3. There’s no talk of family. Bringing up families is usually a sign that things are getting serious. So if you’ve spent some time together but neither of you brings up this topic, it may be awhile before you get to the dating stage.

Signs You’re Actually Dating

1. You’re alone and the activities aren’t mundane. When you’re hanging out, you might go to see a film or visit an amusement park, but usually as a group. When it’s just you and her, and you go on some fun or creative outing, you’re heading into dating territory.

2. You have deep conversations. People who are hanging tend to keep the conversation topics light. Deep and meaningful conversations revolving around your morals, beliefs, and family stories, to name a few, are anything but light. This is a good sign that you’re testing the waters for a new relationship.

3. You’re trying to win each other over. You buy little things for each other, wait for the other to get finish work, and do other things that fall under being on your best behaviour. No two ways about it: you’re trying to get her to choose you.

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