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Gold Coast Escorts – The Cool Guy’s Quick Guide to Sexual Consent

In these times where much of the news you see on the TV are about sleazy stuff like sexual harassment done by people like Harvey Weinstein and other famous people, to their female co-workers or associates, I guess it would be helpful if you learn a thing or two, or perhaps more, about consent! So before heading off to your place (or hers) after a little kissing and grinding on the dance floor, here are a couple of helpful hints about sexual consent.

What’s Consent?
Most dudes out there often think that consent is as easy as yes or no. But what if your potential hookup buddy, or even your most preferred Gold Coast Escorts

Gold Coast Escorts

Gold Coast Escorts

, isn’t saying no, but she’s not saying yes too? According to sex experts, and even legal experts, consent is not the absence of no, but it’s the presence of yes!

Silence doesn’t equal yes, and so does moaning. And of course, drunken stupor doesn’t equate to as yes too. Thus, the only thing that equates to yes is when the woman says yes out loud, or says yes by actively participating – which means taking off her clothes without being asked!

You Need Consent for Every Sexual Act
Consent is simple and unmistakable, and the truth is that you need consent for every sexual act, every time you have sex! So, if someone wants to kiss you, it does not mean that she wants to go down on you. And if someone goes down on you, it does not mean that she wants to have sexual intercourse with you.

And if she slept with you last weekend, or last night, it doesn’t automatically mean that she wants to sleep with you tonight. And in addition, even if you’re already in a long-term relationship, you still need consent each and every time.

I guess it would be really helpful if you tell your hookup partners, and even your favourite Gold Coast Escorts, that some of the signs that consent is being taken away include words like – “Ouch”, “That hurts”, “Can we stop”, “I’m not really into this”, and suddenly going quiet!

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