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Gold Coast Escorts – The Best Sex Positions for Certain Bed Types

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Certain beds come with certain challenges. Thus, if you’re having sex with your girlfriend or hook-up buddy on, let’s say a tent, you should consider the size of the tent, as well as the type of terrain where the tent is pitched, if only to ensure that both of you have a hot and sizzling, yet comfortable time! Here’s a look at a few of the best sex positions for certain bed types.

The Electric 69 (For a Bottom Bunk)
If you’re going to settle in a bottom bunk with your hook-up mate, or with the lovely and alluring Gold Coast Escorts, the bed will certainly have not much height and not much width too. Thus, get creative with a 69 hybrid!

Lie on your sides but instead of your partner using her mouth on you, hand her a powerful toy. If it’s a vagina that’s in your face, reciprocate by using your lady’s favourite toy. The best part of this is that in a usual 69, when a partner gets super turned on, their mouth just sort of tapers off, yet the sex toy just keeps chugging along!

The Presser (For Futons)
In a futon, you and your lady can take advantage of the low height by sitting with your butt at the very edge and leaning back on your hands. The guy kneels to enter, with his knees spread wide, and holds onto the lady’s thighs to pull her still deeper into him.

The futon’s usual firmness which usually plagues you when you are trying to sleep is now your best friend here, as your partner gets the deepest of penetration, and n addition if you rub yourself with a hand, you will no longer care about the whole futon thing!

The Sidecar (For Twin Beds)
When using a twin bed, let your lady curl on her side in a fatal position, and you kneel on one leg by your sweet ass, while the other foot goes up by your knees for leverage. And if you slide a well-lobed hand between your girlfriends, or the lovely Adelaide Escorts’ legs as you thrust, she should keep you around!

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