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Gold Coast Escorts – The 4 Serious Health Benefits of Masturbation

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In the Victorian era, and even in the early 19th century, an inescapable stigma often surrounded a lot of sexually-related stuff, including masturbation. Back in those days, people were often told that jerking off could make them blind, or cause hair to grow in their palms! Today however, solo sex isn’t seen as harmful anymore, but instead is deemed as something beneficial. Here’s a look at a few of the truly serious health benefits of masturbation.

Jerking Off Helps With Pain Relief
I guess you regularly jerk off, as well as you hookup buddies, and even your favourite Gold Coast Escorts! Well, isn’t that nice, because health experts have noted that masturbation (in appropriate settings) can help a person manage pain, from menstrual cramps to muscle tension!

It Can Help Prevent Infections
While we often hear about infections caused by sexual activity, we never hear of any infection caused by masturbation. For women, masturbation can actually help prevent cervical infections and urinary tract infections through the process of “tenting”, which is the opening of the cervix that occurs as a part of the arousal process.

It Works Well for Your Pelvic Floor
I guess all of us know the benefits of Kegels, and how we’re supposed to work on our pelvic floor. But guess what? Masturbation can help with that too because it strengthens the muscles down there, so you’re less likely to lose urine when you cough or sneeze!

It’s a Potent Stress Buster
If you’ve had a tough (and rough) day at the office or at the workplace, perhaps all you need is a little self-love! And if you do experience an orgasm while masturbating, a tsunami of feel-good endorphins surges through your system, and this has been shown to help you have deeper, higher-quality sleep!

So, if you want to be in great shape every day, why don’t you regularly engage in some self-love? And yes, please tell your hookup buddies too, including the hot and sexy Gold Coast Escorts, the seriously fun health perks of jerking off!

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