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Gold Coast Escorts – The 3 Things That Cause a Woman to Turn Down Sex With a Guy

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Most guys perhaps are very much aware that it only takes a woman half a second to change her mind from having sex with them. So, even if she’s already undressed and you think she’s already 99% down for it, that 1% can suddenly grow exponentially within a few seconds, and then you suddenly find her walking out the door! Here’s a look at a few of the things that cause a woman to turn down sex with a man.

Sex During Her Period
Try forcing any woman out there, yes that includes the hot and sexy Gold Coast Escorts, to have sex with you during her period, and she’ll immediately walk out on you (As well as hurl a lot of invectives your way too!).

Well, unless she wants to have sex during her period, this time is often considered a No-Go Area. Around 30% of women surveyed echoed this reaction, because sex during period is thought to be disgusting, and unsanitary. Thus, do the decent thing and let her be over and done with the period, then it can be the perfect time for sex again!

Asking for a Blowjob When Your Member is Unclean
Like anything else in life, cleanliness is next to godliness, especially in sex! If you are expecting to get a blowjob during your sexual romp, you better be sure that your dick is clean! And if you just got back from a sweaty workout, or you went jogging around the neighbourhood, and you wish to be sucked, this could derail the whole evening! Around 40% of ladies surveyed said that it’s not cool to be unclean or dirty before oral sex.

Masturbating in Her Presence
A lot of women truly abhor it when they see their partner tugging at his own genitals, in front of them! Why? Well, most ladies think that it’s really disgusting and uncouth, and some women think that there is no use self-pleasuring yourself when she’s around, which is why they may feel offended.

So, if you do not wish to offend your girlfriend, or even your most preferred Gold Coast Escorts, please do not ever do any of these truly shitty and despicable stuff!

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