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Gold Coast Escorts – Spinach Juice and How It Can Boost Your Sex Life

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If there’s one thing that worries most men today, perhaps it’s the thought of falling prey to erectile dysfunction! (ED) Well, the inability to perform in bed has a heavy psychological effect on men, and it also disturbs their interpersonal relationships. However, there’s one great, and natural, way for warding off ED, and for boosting your performance in bed, and it’s by drinking a glass of spinach juice regularly!

As Guys Age, Their Chances of Suffering From ED Increases

If you’re worried of falling prey to ED, and ruining your chances of getting it on with ladies as hot and sexy as the Gold Coast Escorts again, perhaps you could start warding off ED by exercising, stopping smoking and heavy drinking, and drinking spinach juice on a regular basis!


According to health experts, as a man ages, his chances of suffering from ED also increases, as ED is touted as an old man’s disease. The health experts add that cardiovascular problems in men often set the stage for ED. Cardiovascular problems like hypertension, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases constrict the blood vessels throughout the entire body, and it does the same with the minute blood vessels and capillaries in the penis too.

The lack of proper blood supply to the penile area makes it difficult for a man to achieve an erection during intercourse. Thus, the first step towards treating ED is to take care of your heart health!

Spinach are Rich in Flavonoids, Which Provide Protection Against Cardiovascular Diseases

Now, why is spinach juice so good at protecting you from ED? Well, the health experts stress that foods that are rich in flavonoids and nitrates go a long way in providing protection against cardiovascular diseases. Dietary flavonoids and nitrates can also supplement nitric oxide, which helps improve circulation and lower blood pressure. And, spinach is rich in flavonoids and nitrates!

When consumed, the nitrates are converted into nitric oxide, which helps the blood vessels dilate, and circulate in all the major organs including the penis. And while not everyone likes spinach as much as Popeye the Sailor Man does, why don’t you have your fill of spinach juice, if only to help ward off ED, as well as ensure that you have more fun nights in bed with the hot and sexy Gold Coast Escorts!

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