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Gold Coast Escorts – Sex Positions That Are Safe To Do In Beaches

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Some couples are afraid of making love on the beach for obvious reasons: sand and safety. Sand because, if you’re not careful, the sand will find its way to all the nook and crannies of her privates and yours, which translates to infection. Safety because, if you’re having coitus in a public beach, expect some crowd as well as onlookers.

And copulation right then and there may turn into a ‘mission impossible’. Why not plan it out first with your inamorata or any of the Gold Coast Escorts you’ve been going out lately? Know the rules and prepare what to bring, ahead of time.

The Golden Rules Of Beach Sex

Don’t get caught or arrested – is the foremost rule in beach intercourse. If you can find a private beach, good luck to you. Other don’ts are as follows: not to bang directly on sand; not to forget to rinse off. And ultimately, fuck at your own risk!

You don’t want your underwear filled up with sand, do you? Therefore, not all sex positions are fit to do in beaches. Yet, if you’re still doubtful whether to proceed to the beach or not, might as well opt for the good old-fashioned making-out instead.

Sex Styles Fit For The Beach

At any rate, if you’re raring to go, here are the most qualified sex styles you can put into action but take note, be subtle in your moves. Remember, the passers-by!

1. The Wave Maker

Sit on a towel and keep her seated on your crotch, her back to your face while you two are half-covered in another towel. Push her bikini bottom to the side and enter her as you two are making your own mini waves subtly and at the same time, watching the waves roll by. As if nothing is happening ‘underground’ or are you really just sitting as one? Only the sands know.

2. The Bae Watch

Another sex-sitting-down version, only that this will have you seated on a beach chair. Cuddle her but of course, you’re covered with towel (this towel has got to be multi-purpose). Do it leisurely as you enjoy the exhilarating bay views around.

3. The Reverse Cowgirl

For this, you got to find your hidden spot on the beach and wait for sundown. Basically, you’re lying on a towel, she on top of you in a reverse position, her backside to your face. Rest assured, no grain of sand can ever invade her privates!

4. Standing Up

Find your own spot where there’s less wind since strong winds carry sands and some might get caught in her underwear. In any sexual contact, there will always be micro-tears and once sands get in, pain will be experienced. As you stand up against a palm tree facing each other, bring her one leg over to your hip bone, bump and grind away.

5. Over A Beach Ball

Again, this requires a secluded place because you don’t want to keep people guessing what you’re up to, you know. Have her bend her body on a beach ball, then take her from behind. Just be careful not to push too hard that she’ll likely lay flat on the ground! Indeed, you’re assured of no sand intrusion.

If it’s your first time, things would seem difficult but, not for the seasoned Gold Coast Escorts. Just remember to cover up from sand and indecent exposure!

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