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Gold Coast Escorts – Sex Positions That are Perfect for the Afternoon Delight

Gold Coast Escorts

Gold Coast Escorts

Can’t wait for the evening to arrive, and do some hot and sleazy shagging? Well, why don’t you do it mid-afternoon! As the song by the Starland Vocal Band goes, “Why wait until the middle of the cold dark night?” Thus, when you get some real good sex cravings in the middle of the day, here are a couple of cool sex positions to try out.

The Meeting Prep
If you’re already feeling the erotic pinch in the middle of the day, why wait for the evening, when you can do it mid-day, by calling the hot and sexy Gold Coast Escorts? Sneak off to the bathroom before, and get yourself very close, but not quite there.

Your lady could put a little dollop of lube between her legs before you go banging, so all she’d need to do is jump on you. Try a face-down position so you can slide a hand down and finish the job. Your lady could also bend one leg up for deeper penetration, and on straight down for a tighter fit!

The Wall Banger
Got little or no time for some mid-afternoon banging? Then try The Wall Banger! To do this, the guy unzips, lifts the woman’s skirt and presses her against a wall for hot and urgent sex. It would be much hotter if he pins her arms above her head, while she pulls his as closer to her leg. To mitigate height differences, the guy can get on his knees while she squats down back against a wall. Both partners won’t notice their thighs burning until an hour or two later!

The Urgent Sit Down
If both partners can’t return to work later in the day like what they did, they better try The Urgent Sit Down! Here, the boy sits down, and the lady hops onto his lap. However, she needs to wear a loose skirt, with no panties, and keeps her heels on. She also needs to hold onto him almost too tightly by the tie, if only to look and feel like one bad-ass lady!

Now, which mid-afternoon sex position would you be raring to try out tomorrow afternoon with your horny office mate, or with the lovely and alluring Gold Coast Escorts?

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