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Gold Coast Escorts – Sex Positions for Those Who are Living with Roommates

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Gold Coast Escorts

Do you live in an apartment with other roommates? Or do you live in a house with other family members? Yes, everyone knows that our roommates, or the other people in your house, have sex too, but no one actually wants to see it, or hear it happening. So, to save everyone the trouble and embarrassment (And that includes you of course), here are five sex positions to master.

The Headboard Banger
If you and your girlfriend, or any of your favourite Gold Coast Escorts, are bent on getting down and dirty in your place that’s filled with roommates, here’s one cool sex position to perfect. But then again, if you can manage to scrounge at least $40, I guess it would be better if you get yourselves a nice motel room!

If your headboard bangs against a wall, and you just can’t move the bed away from the wall, use a low-motion move which will mitigate the sex sounds. Here, the guy sits at the edge of the bed, while the woman kneels over him, and carefully sits back on his dick, puts a hand on his thighs for balance, and wraps her feet back around his butt. Next, she grinds and wiggles very slowly for maximum quietness, and extra sexiness!

The Bathroom Break
If your roommate/s just keep being there, then head on to the bathroom! Inside the bathroom, have your lady sit up on the sink and enter her standing. The lady presses her hand between your bodies so she can rub herself as you thrust. Run some water, so you can be a, little loud, and so the others outside won’t know what you’re doing!

The Fast and Furious
If your roommate/s step out for an unspecified errand, ask your lady to bend over the bed, with one knee up on the mattress, while you stand behind her, one leg on the floor, and the opposite foot on the mattress. You can grab a hold of her hips for some urgent thrusting, or do a reach around like a gentleman.

But then again, if you got extra cash to spare, perhaps things would be more fun and relaxing if you and your girlfriend, or lovely Gold Coast Escorts get a classy hotel/motel room instead!

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