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Gold Coast Escorts – Sex Dreams: What Makes You More Likely To Have Them?

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Have you ever had a “sex dream”? Well if you dream of sex regularly, then consider yourself lucky because sex dreams are the equivalent of watching porn in your sleep, and these are considered as one of nature’s most beautiful gifts to the unconscious! But if you’re one of those who rarely get a sex dream, here’s a look at what will make you more likely to have them.


People who Sleep On Their Stomachs Have More Sex Dreams

Do you often dream of having sex with your girlfriend, or any of the hot and sexy Gold Coast Escorts? According to a study that was published in the scientific journal Dreaming, those who sleep on their stomachs reported having more sex dreams than the men and women who slept on their backs or sides.


In Hong Kong, 670 college students were asked on how often they sleep in certain positions, as well as how often (and how intense) they had certain dreams, such as sex dreams. Around 71 percent of students noted having one dominant sleeping position, while 72 percent were side sleepers, 23 percent slept on their backs, and 5 percent slept on their stomach.


So who had more erotic dreams? Those who reported sleeping on their stomachs had more sizzling sex dreams, and when they slept face down, the erotic dreams got wilder and more vivid!


Extra Pressure & Increased Blood Flow Leads To More Erotic Dreams

While sleep experts and scientists aren’t exactly sure why sleeping in certain positions causes the individual to have erotic dreams, they point to a theory which says that pressing your manhood to the bed can inject naughty thoughts in your head, because the extra pressure and blood flow to the brain.


There’s another theory which says that sleeping face down puts extra pressure on the chest, and makes the individual dream of being confined, or suffocating! Thus, if you wish to have an erotic dream tonight (and in the following nights), just flip over on your belly, and go to sleep!


But if you wish to fulfill your deepest, most cherished erotic dreams, perhaps you should try dating the gorgeous Gold Coast Escorts!

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