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Gold Coast Escorts – Researchers Reveal Lots of Surprises When Unmasking the Brain’s Sexual Side

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Why do humans think about sex? And where does these sexual stimuli emanate from? Does it originate from the sexual organs, or from some uncharted part of the brain? For centuries, neuroscientists and doctors have been at odds as to where all these sexual stimuli originate from, with some saying that these were caused by seizures, or by a brain tumor. Here are a couple of interesting facts that researchers found when they tried to unmask the brain’s sexual side.

A US Doctor Once Blamed Seizures on Nymphomania

Perhaps you and your girlfriend, or even your hot and sexy Gold Coast Escorts, should be thankful that modern technology has now made medical science a more accurate, and factual field. Because in the early part of the 21st century, many doctors often had the penchant of making weird conclusions on certain sexual behaviours!

Just look at what a doctor named T.C Erickson did in 1944 to a patient named Mrs. “CW”. Dr. Erickson had a patient named Mrs. “CW” who woke up many nights feeling as if she were having sex, and feeling “felt hot all over, all night”. As the years went on, her hot spells struck more often, and were followed by debilitating seizures.

When Dr. Erickson further examined Mrs. “CW”, he diagnosed her with nymphomania, and conducted a treatment which was terribly common at that time – shower her ovaries with x-rays!

And when her seizures became worse, the doctors opened her skull, and found a slow-growing tumor pressed against her brain. Once the tumor was removed, her seizures faded, and she “didn’t have any of those erotic hot spells again”. But after this, nothing was heard from Dr. Erickson again.

For Sigmund Freud, Sexual Desire Was Life’s Main Motivating Energy

While the physicians and neurologists of the 19th and early 20th centuries were noted for making a lot of bloopers in their findings about our sexual behaviour, 100 years ago a noted Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud was  already arguing that sexual desire was the main motivating energy in human life. From then on, many health experts and scientists have mapped the vast variations of human sexuality.

In 2003, researchers at Pierre and Marie Curie University in France showed a series of photos, half were erotic and half ordinary, to 15 men (of whom 8 had normal sex lives, while 7 had hypoactive sexual desire disorder), to record the activity in the subject’s brains. The scientists used PET scans, and injected radioactive tracers in the volunteers, and tracked how the tracers moved in the brain.

The researchers noted that the tracers rested on a patch of highly-active neurons in the front of the brain, or the medial orbitofrontal cortex, especially in men who had hypoactive sexual desire disorder. For the normal guys, the same area was quiet. The medial orbitofrontal cortex’s main job is to keep our emotions from going out of control.

The researchers stressed that men with impaired sexual desires couldn’t get horny, because their brains were keeping their emotions “bottled up”. Perhaps if they met the lovely Gold Coast Escorts, their brains would spring back to normal again!

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