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Gold Coast Escorts – Quirky Love Dolls That You Can Buy Online, But You Probably Shouldn’t

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Gold Coast Escorts

Sex dolls have been with us for decades already, if not centuries. The sailors and seafarers in the Middle Ages had dolls fashioned out of foam-encased leather or fabrics, and German soldiers during World War II were rumoured to have been equipped with sex dolls by, as ordered by the Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler! While love dolls, or sex dolls, are still popular today, they’ve morphed into different types, some of which have become so weird, and offbeat. Here’s a look at a few really quirky love dolls that you can find online, but you probably shouldn’t.

The Double Decker Threesome Pussy and Ass Masturbator
Looking for love dolls that ”simulate” a real threesome? Then get the Double Decker Threesome Pussy and Ass Masturbator! With this doll, you can get close to experiencing a real threesome, because the doll has twice as many holes that are waiting to be pleased. But seriously, why don’t you go for the real thing, and call the lovely Gold Coast Escort instead!

With this love doll, you can choose from 4 different internal textures, which are all designed for effective stimulation. Users can pick their favourite hole, or move between them until you explode! Now isn’t this a great way to simulate the experience of being pleasured by two women at once?

Do you crave for love dolls that can easily be shifted or moved to simulate your favourite sex positions? Well, perhaps you could try out WINONA? This love doll has skin that resembles natural human skin, and they have body joints that are made of artificial multiplex metal, to ensure that their limbs can be easily extended, to create all sorts of poses. The doll has a detachable head, and detachable body parts for easy cleaning.

Granny I’d Like To Fuck Love Doll
Are you fond of older women, like really old women? If experience and wisdom are what you’re looking for, then perhaps you should try out the Granny I’d Like To Fuck Love Doll! This doll should “please” you in many ways you’ve never dreamed of, whether orally, or from behind. The blow-up love doll is between 50” to 55”, or 4 feet, tall.

Pipedream Products Crackhead Charlie Doll
Does anyone know what US actor Charlie Sheen is doing now? Well, he could either be too high on whatever-it-is again, or full of hot air. The sex doll is perhaps perfect for women who love partying with movie actors who have the raunchy habits of glam rock artists! Just add air and this compulsive, and manic guy will be more than happy to show you his funny, and a bit twisted personality!

Full Silicone TPE Anime Sex Doll with Skeleton
If you’re a fan of manga, anime and anything related to Japanese subculture, then the TPE Anime Sex Doll is a must-have item! This doll is crafted with 100 percent accuracy and attention to detail, and is also very flexible and robust.

The love dolls mentioned earlier may consist of an entire body with a face, or just a pelvic part, along with the standard accessories such as the vagina, anus, and more.

The parts could also vibrate and be removable or interchangeable. But if you’re looking for real fun and action in bed, why don’t you just call or email the lovely, and real, ladies of Gold Coast Escorts now!

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