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Gold Coast Escorts – Quick, Straightforward Answers From the Experts to the Question “Where is the G-Spot?”

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Do you know what is the most commonly-searched sex-related question on search engines like Google? Well, it’s “Where is the G-spot?” However, look no further, as we’ve now got the answers from the sex experts and doctors, with regard to what the G-spot is, and where it is actually located. Read more to find out.

Where’s it Located?
Ask any lady out there, yes that includes the hot and alluring Gold Coast Escorts, if they have any idea where the G-spot is, or if they even know what it means, and I think you’ll be surprised to know that nearly half of them will not have any idea about it!

Well, according to the folks at Google, the G-spot is around 50 to 80 millimetres or 2 to 3 inches inside the vagina, on the front wall. And nearly all sex experts agree that stimulating this area creates a more intense orgasm than clitoral stimulation.

But then again, according to a report posted on the British tabloid the Daily Mail, a UK study of 1, 800 British women “claimed” that there’s no evidence for the existence of the G-spot. Thankfully, renowned French gynecologist Sylvain Mimoun quickly disputed the study’s findings, and said that not only were they offensive and misleading, but that 60% of women have a G-spot that just needs to be discovered!

The G-spot Encompasses Several Different Organs
If you think that the G-spot is just one tiny piece of material, or whatever, think again. According to a fairly recent study, it’s actually a larger erogenous zone which encompasses several different organs, including the front of the vaginal wall (Which is the side towards the belly), the urethra, the paraurethral glands and the inner roots of the clitoris.

To best stimulate this area, it would be best if couples do the rear entry and woman-on-top positions. You can also use your hands by inserting one or two fingers (palm up) and making a “come here” motion. You could also use vibrators that are designed to hit the G-spot, and make any lady out there, including your favourite Gold Coast Escorts, moan with intense pleasure!

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