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Gold Coast Escorts – Questions You Shouldn’t Ask an Escort

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Gold Coast Escorts

There are just some questions that make people in certain businesses raise their eyebrows, then either answer the question or change the subject. In the same way, there are some escorts – like the ones featured in Gold Coast Escorts – who’ve been on the receiving end of such queries.

So if it’s your first time hiring a gorgeous escort, take note of these things, unless you want to end up not enjoying your time together. If it’s not your first time, then you already know the answers.

1. How many men are you seeing after me? You’re hiring her to create an illusion of a lovely relationship; knowing how many men she’ll be with that day won’t help that. Besides, it’s possible she’s not the only girl you’re seeing, anyway.

2. Are you with the police? In places where such a trade is suppressed, there have been tales of escorts actually working with police, but that’s all they are – stories. The lovely ladies you see on the website are licensed escorts, and they’re working well within the law.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can ask her to bring drugs and the like if they’re banned where you live.

3. What can I get for my money? If you’ve already hired her, then you should already know what her limits are, and what you can expect while you’re together. If you still have to ask that, she may just assume that you didn’t read her ‘terms and conditions’, so to speak.

Besides, quality isn’t an issue when you hire a gorgeous babe like the ones featured in the site’s pages – it’s practically guaranteed.

4. Are you clean? A variation of this is “Have you been tested?”. The answer to both, one lady emphasises, is a resounding ‘yes’. She wouldn’t be able to operate if she tested positive for an STD. For that matter, she wouldn’t be able to renew her license; it’s part of the exchange when it comes to being in this particular trade.

5. Can we do it without a condom? Many areas don’t allow this, so don’t even ask; play it safe instead, for both your sakes.

Now that those have been cleared up, if you’re in need of company that only an escort can provide, go ahead and browse the pages of Gold Coast Escorts, and find your pleasure partner now!

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