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Gold Coast Escorts – New Study Says That Watching TV Can Take a Toll on Our Sex Life

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Gold Coast Escorts

If you consider yourself a “couch potato” or someone who spends hours upon hours sitting on the sofa and watching TV all day or all night, perhaps you need to read this article and carefully  analyse it, because a new study has just revealed that watching TV can take a heavy toll on your  – sex life!

TV Ownership Reduces Sexual Activity By at Least 5%

Would you rather spend countless hours watching TV (Or streaming your favourite movies?), or would you rather spend more time in bed with ladies  as hot and sexy as the lovely Gold Coast Escorts?


According to data pulled from the latest Demographic and Health Surveys covering 4 million people in 80 countries across five continents, TV ownership reduces sexual activity by at least five percent.  This survey collected information on sexual practices, knowledge of reproductive rights, and the goods people buy, which gave the study team insights on how these different factors might affect one another.


As the Price of a TV Decreases, So Does Sexual Frequency

The researchers also stressed that since both sex and television count as leisure activities, if the price of a TV set decreases, so would sexual frequency too. And in the case of demand for sexual activity and the availability of alternative leisure activities, people may b willing to substitute TV or electronic companionship more broadly, for intimate human companionship.


And since the fact that “Netflix and chill” has entrenched itself in popular consciousness, this points to the potential for sex and TV shows to complement one another, the researchers point that more and more people already substitute hours in front of a TV set for time spend having sex with a partner!


But then again if you just can’t swallow the idea that V time is a good substitute for sex, why don’t you get your butt out of bed, or off that couch, and spend more hot and sizzling erotic times with ladies as sexy, and as alluring, as the Gold Coast Escorts!

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