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Gold Coast Escorts – New Report Says the Rising Popularity of Online Dating Is Blamed For the Spike in STI’s

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What’s to blame for the spike in cases of sexually-transmitted infections worldwide? In the Philippines, health experts say that the increasing number of men having sex with men is the one to blame, while in China the health ministry blames the rising number of commercial sex workers for this. In Australia however, a new report published by the Kirby Institute shows that there has been a 63% rise in gonorrhea cases, with 23,000 people diagnosed in 2016 alone. And who’s to blame for this? They say it’s the rise in the popularity and use of online dating apps!

More Folks Down Under Are Using Online Dating Apps to Find Casual Partners
Have you tried using Tinder, or some other online dating app? And have you asked your hookup buddies too, as well as your favourite Gold Coast Escorts, if they’d ever used an online dating app to find casual hookup mates?

Online dating website RSVP claims that over 100,000 people Down Under join the site every day, while eHarmony claims that millions of Aussies have used the site to find compatible matches. On the other hand, Tinder has previously told researchers that 15% of Aussies are using the dating app regularly, which is approximately more than 3 million people.

Now Why Are Online Dating Sites to Blame for the Rise in STI’s?
According to sexual health campaigners in the country, more people are using online dating and dating apps to have frequent, sometimes anonymous, encounters. The experts also stress that in the past, people would often get a sense of belonging and community with social venues such as nightclubs and bars, but now some of those clubs are dying because people are becoming more reliant on social media and app connections.

And over the past three or four years when online dating sites and apps became more popular, the rates of gonorrhea increased to 99% in major cities, while chlamydia infected an estimated 154,000 men and 100,000 women aged between 15 and 29 in 2016 alone!

But then again, if you’re not the type who visits online dating sites, or uses dating apps, why should you worry about anything else when you’re dating the lovely and sexy Gold Coast Escorts?

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