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Gold Coast Escorts – More Ecstatic Facts About Erotic Spanking

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If there’s a bondage-related activity that is already so ubiquitous to sex that there’s a good chance that you may have already tried or experienced it, then it’s erotic spanking! According to BDSM veterans, spanking is a wonderful way to inject a bit of playful pain into an intimate experience, and to vary the wide array of sensations that are on offer. Here are a couple more ecstatic facts about erotic spanking.

Why Do We Spank?
Have any of your lovely hookup partners, or favourite Gold Coast Escorts, ever experienced erotic spanking? And have you tried doing it too? BDSM experts agree that erotic spanking is the easiest way to experiment with BDSM for the first time, because all you need is a hand, a buttock, and some momentum applied to the said hand!

But hey, apart from the hand, you also need a sense of aim too, because nobody likes being slapped in the tailbone or tummy! Erotic spanking is also pretty much risk-free, so much that we can’t even venture to think of any serious injury that can be inflicted through a little love tap.

What’s The Proper Spanking Etiquette?
The reasons behind loving erotic spanking vary. Some do it to feel dominant, while others accept it to feel dominated, while most just do it to add some extra spice to their erotic life. The activity can be enjoyed by both partners, because it goes both ways, but if only the proper spanking etiquette is followed, like:

1. The strikes should be focused on the lower, meatier part of the cheeks and upper thighs.

2. Follow every spank with a light caress of the slapped area.

3. Don’t slap hard enough to leave a handprint, unless permission is given.

4. Make sure to remove jewelry like rings and bracelets.

As for the proper aim, have your spanking subject get in the proper spanking position, while you (the spanker) sit on the bed with your knees over the side, just as you would on a chair.

Your girlfriend, or lovely Gold Coast Escorts, then lies stomach-down across your lap, or you can have her assume an all-fours position while you stand on to the side. From these vantage points, you will get the perfect room to get an arc with your good spanking arm!

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