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Gold Coast Escorts – Loosen Her Up and Turn on the Romance

Gold Coast EscortsWhen you need companionship on a trip for the weekend, or for perhaps a little longer, one way to get it is by engaging one of the gorgeous ladies at Gold Coast Escorts. These ladies aren’t just a sight for sore eyes, but they’re also great at giving you the company you want.

Whether you’re only there to see the sights, or you’re on business, you’ll undoubtedly still have time to spend with the woman of your dreams. There’s more to it than hitting the bedroom, of course; surely you have time to do some walking around, grabbing a bite or a pint? Here are a few ideas to show her a good time, too.

1. Take a cruise. It doesn’t have to be a week-long cruise on an ocean liner. A river or lake cruise works just as well, if there’s one available where you are. There are a number of operators who’ve caught on to this idea, and offer them throughout the day. Just choose between scenic daytime or romantic night time.

It certainly can’t hurt to choose dinner to go along with the latter, if it’s offered at all. If things go really well, you can continue your little ‘wet’ adventure back at the hotel.

2. See a movie. Yes, it sounds cliché, but there’s nothing like a dark theatre for engaging in some soft-core porn. Keep her guessing just to surprise her and warm up her libido. Just be sure to be discreet.

3. Go for a wine-tasting affair. When you find yourself in a district that offers some of the best wines, it’ll be a shame to leave town without at least a taste of their vintage. So take a tour of the vineyards, or look for vintners offering wine tasting. It’s a better option to simply meeting over drinks at a bar.

You can show off a little, too, if you know your drinks. Discuss top notes, maybe, or just talk about what your favourite wines taste like. Women love a man who knows what he’s talking about, without making a big show of it.

You don’t need elaborate gestures to always ensure that your sexy escort from Gold Coast Escorts enjoys herself as much as you do. All it takes, sometimes, is a little something extra she’s sure to remember – and you’ll likely find the favour returned while you’re under the sheets.

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