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Gold Coast Escorts – Letting Your Dirty Imaginations Run Wild

One does not simply deprive himself of life’s pleasures. You are but a mere human subjected to the temptations of the flesh. This is why the indulgence in its pleasures is as natural as you drinking water because you are thirsty. Similar logic applies! However, when it comes to appeasing the carnal desires, more should be done in order to achieve satisfaction.

Gold Coast Asian  EscortThe Gold Coast Escorts previews the most highly reviewed courtesans in the Australian adult entertainment industry. As a matter of fact, they have earned their reputation by guaranteeing high quality gratification in their services. Whether it is for the purpose of companionship or for a rendezvous of sensuality, these vixens will surely surpass their client’s expectations.

The Beginning

As the night ascends, the heat of the moment reaches its peak. You’re already hard through your pants. Your urges are surging through your entire body – making every part of you as sensitive as ever. Ding dong… Alas, the long wait is over. The first thing you notice was her scent. Man, she smelled so divine. Her delicious aroma filled the air. You just couldn’t wait to get your hands on her. 

The Escalation

The goddess stands before you seductively. Dressed in hot red lacy lingerie, she reaches out her delicate hands and traces your neck, then down to your arms then stops on your stomach. Your hands proceed to the curve of her torso, feeling her soft skin under your tensed hands. Without hesitation, she tiptoes and pushes her tongue inside your mouth – that was your undoing.

Breathless, you are both locked in an embrace of lust. Her peaked nipples are molested by suckles of your lips and strokes of your tongue. The room was filled with the mixture of your groans and her moans. You stopped, pulled away – she instantly knew what you wanted. Kneeling down in front of you, she caressed and pulled out your erection.

Without hesitation, she licked the tip of your rigid shaft. It pushed your body to a more sensitized state. The next thing you know, your cock is already buried to the depths of her throat. Your hips moved on instinct – pushing your throbbing flesh more intently inside her. The pleasure was too consuming – you then decided to ease yourself by pulling her on top of you and lick the juiciness of her pussy through the magic of 69.

 The Crescendo

The torrid extension of your penis is plunged inside the slick wetness of her pussy. Your breaths are hitched; your thrusts were subjected to its rhythm. She continues to deliciously tighten around your shaft – signaling her release. You were impaling her with the strains of your shaft. Your swollen manhood continues to harden – fortifying your climax. In what seemed like a few moments, finally, both of you erupted with intense orgasms – her moans erupting in a chorus of pleasures paired with the tremors of your body…

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