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Gold Coast Escorts – Helpful Hints and Ideas on How to Be Truly Skilled in Sexting

Gold Coast Escorts

Gold Coast Escorts

While it seems that automatically shooting of a round or two of casual sext would sound simple, wait till you actually try to send one to any lady out there! In addition, since texts are forever, there’s no way for you to erase your embarrassment if you send a sext message you regret! Here are a couple of helpful hints and strategies on how to be truly skilled in sexting.

The Simple Rules of Sexting
If you haven’t tried sexting yet, but would like to experiment with it, perhaps by starting off by sending a few naughty sexts to your girlfriend, or to the hot and sexy Gold Coast Escorts, well here’s a peek at a few of the very simple rules of sexting!

For starters, do not sext with an individual that you have never had actual sex with. Being a sexting pro means that you know what she likes, and in being familiar with her comfort level. And according to a 2015 research which was presented at the American Psychological Association’s 123rd Annual Convention, up to 88% of adults are into sexting today!

Second, keep your sexts concise, which means send short messages and direct descriptions. Remember that you are not writing a Harlequin romance novel! Third, autocorrect is not your friend, thus texting that you will “duck” her “pussy” will perhaps likely want her to start dating other dudes!

Set the Stage, Tease, Then Fire Her Up
The next step would be to start out with light, flirty sexts then work your way up to the steamy ones. You could set the stage with sexts like -“I can’t stop thinking about you”, or “I’m ready for round two” and “Wanna play?”

To further tease her, you could send sexts like – “I’ve got a sexy surprise for you”, “I know we’ve got dinner plans tonight, but I’m more interested in dessert”, and “Come over later, I’ll take care of the rest”.

So, what are you waiting for? Perhaps you could dive into the fun and exciting world of sexting now, by firing off hot and sexy text messages to your girlfriend, or to the hot and sexy Gold Coast Escorts!

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