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Gold Coast Escorts – Give Her Great Oral Sex, She’ll Be Wet in No Time

Gold Coast Escorts

Gold Coast Escorts

Oral sex is fun and titillating for all those involved, whether they’re on the giving or receiving end. True, some people are more comfortable giving instead of receiving – in fact, a few may be a little wary when someone goes down on them. The gorgeous femmes at Gold Coast Escorts know well how to give head, but that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate someone going down on them.

The wetter she is down there, the better sex will be later, after all. So here are a few ways to improve your oral sex game.

  1. Play around a little. This doesn’t mean treating her like a sex toy; instead, don’t be afraid to explore her a little more down there. Find out what spots to touch or tease, besides the obvious clit. Find what works for her by taking your cue from her moans or silence, or other reactions in between.

This also means experimenting with what you use to stroke and tease her down there besides your tongue. Use your lips, your fingers, different parts of your tongue to see how she reacts to different kinds of touch.

Don’t be afraid to throw in a vibrator or some other sex toy to really warm her up. Two pleasurable sensations instead of one will get her dripping before you know it.


  1. Stay dressed. Somehow, being clothed while having sex makes the whole thing hotter, and the same can be said of oral sex. Have her sit on a raised surface like a table, then kneel in front of her and start exploring. She can either take her panties off, or leave them on for this one.


  1. Try a different approach. Sometimes, a change in angle is enough to heat things up. Try slipping a pillow under her hips before going down on her. Or else lie down, prop your head up with a pillow, and have her kneel over you


In this position, she’ll be within easy reach of your mouth. Then not only will she feel extra sensations because of the blood rushing to her lower lips, but you don’t have to worry about your neck hurting.

Want to try these out but don’t have a committed partner? Browse the gallery at Gold Coast Escorts today!


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