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Gold Coast Escorts – Dietary and Lifestyle Modifications That Guys Should Do to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

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If there’s one sex-related issue or concern that many men are worried of today, perhaps it’s ED, or erectile dysfunction! According to health experts, some of the factors responsible for ED include smoking, lack of physical activity, obesity, metabolic syndrome and excessive alcohol consumption. So, if you want to steer clear of ED, here are a couple of dietary and lifestyle modifications that you should adopt, ASAP.

Alter Your Diet

If you’d like to stay healthy, and enjoy more fun times in bed with the hot and sexy Gold Coast Escorts, and stay away from ED at the same time, the first step would be to have a diet rich in whole grain foods, legumes, vegetables and fruits, and low in red meat. Health experts also stress that a Mediterranean-style diet in particular has been associated with lower prevalence of ED in both diabetic and non-diabetic men!

Stop Smoking, and Reduce Alcohol Intake

Health experts say that the direct use of tobacco and second-hand exposure increases the risks for ED. Thus, saying no to smoking can significantly improve your sexual health. Low or moderate consumption of alcohol can also exert a protective effect on ED in both the general population and in diabetic men. Thus, when it comes to alcohol consumption, the keywords are low or moderate!

Physical Activity

A number of studies have shown that moderate and high physical activities were associated with a lower risk of ED. Regular physical activity also has a beneficial effect on the prevention and/or improvement of ED. In addition, physical exercise also showed beneficial effects on self-esteem and mental health, with a positive impact on psychological issues related to sexual dysfunction!

Weight Loss

Obesity, being overweight and metabolic syndrome are also associated with a heightened risk of ED. Body weight loss, obtained either through lifestyle or bariatric intervention, is also associated with a decline in estrogen levels, and a rise in gonadotropins and testosterone, which help enhance your libido, and ensure that you stay active and fit in bed, to the delight of your favourite Gold Coast Escorts!

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