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Relationships can be complicated, because people can be complicated. For instance, when girls play hard-to-get, that somehow makes men want them more, most of the time. The gorgeous vixens at Gold Coast Escorts, for example, know very well that’s how the dating game works. That doesn’t mean they’ll play hard-to-get themselves, if you ever engage them for an afternoon or so.

It’s somewhat different, though, when you’ve been with someone for some time and she starts showing signs of jealousy. When that happens, you want to prove she has nothing to fear, even though dealing with her jealousy can be tiring sometimes. However, if you’re sure you want to stay with her, here are some ways you can help her get over that, and calm her fears.

1. Track what sets her off. Keep a small journal or something similar and write down what happened to make her start seething. After some time, you’ll be able to pinpoint what made her see red, and you’ll be able to eliminate biological stressors like her period approaching. Then you’ll be able to tell what triggers her feelings of jealousy.

2. Communicate. Fight the urge to not confide in her because of her jealous tendencies; doing so will make things worse. It’s important to keep communication open between the two of you so she doesn’t think you’re confiding in someone else.

Don’t hold things in, either, so she doesn’t think you’re keeping secrets. Letting her know what’s going on in your life tells her that you still want to be close somehow, despite her jealousy. It’ll also let her know when you’re going through a bad time and need some space, so she doesn’t assume the worst.

3. Let her know how you feel about her. The saying goes that actions speak louder than words. Sometimes, though, women need words, too. Compliment her a little, tell her how much she means to you, and most of all, that you love her. Knowing that your feelings are sincere will help her move past her feelings of jealousy.

Of course, you don’t have to deal with such a thing if you’re not in a relationship – but at least you can experience a little of what it’s like with the help of the babes at Gold Coast Escorts. Browse the gallery to find the best partner for you, today!

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