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Gold Coast Escorts – Cool, Clever Missionary Sex Hacks That Ensure More Orgasms

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Of the various types of sex positions, perhaps the missionary is deemed the most standard, or the most basic. However, what’s so nice is that it’s got a lot going for it, as there’s lots of eye contact, everyone knows which part needs to go where, and if you’re on the bottom, you pretty much don’t have to do anything! Here’s a look at a couple of clever missionary hacks that ensure more orgasms.

The Ol’ Grind

If you and your hookup buddies, or even your preferred Gold Coast Escorts, love doing the missionary, despite all the flak it gets, perhaps you could try one cool and cleaver missionary hack called The Ol’ Grind!

To do this, your lady lies down, and you slide up so that your pelvic bone conveniently rests on her clit. Instead of banging away, you instead grind and slide against her, so that the base of your penis, your shaft and pelvic bone all work their magic. And though this would be less stimulating for the guys, at least it ensures that he’ll last a little longer!

The Upper Thrust

To do the Upper Thrust, the ladies plant their feet on the ground, but instead of receiving the guy’s thrusts, they thrust up to him. The guys can stay still and receive their lady’s love as they choose to give it, or eventually push back to switch-up the sensations. The ladies could also try a series of short, shallow thrusts and then a deep, full plunge!

Flip it Real Good

Flip the standard missionary upside-down, where the ladies get on top in the traditional dude position, thrust with their legs between his, and holding themselves up on their hands and elbows. This one feels great, especially if the ladies have their guys bend their knees and spread their legs wide open for them!

Tight Squeeze

This may seem counterintuitive, but instead of spreading her legs wider to get more sensation, your girlfriend, or hot and sexy Gold Coast Escorts slides them straight down between yours, and press their knees tightly together! By doing so, the ladies will feel tighter, and guys like you will feel bigger!

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