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Gold Coast Escorts – Clear Signs Your Girlfriend is Cheating

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Relationships are great, if somewhat confusing now and then. How protective you can be, for example, will change depending on your partner. When you’re with one of the ladies featured in the pages of Gold Coast Escorts, you don’t have to worry about being confused. However, it’s different when you’re in an actual relationship.

Some of the confusion stems from how your partner acts, in general, and because blokes don’t want to read too much into a situation, for the most part. But what if you notice clear signs of suspicious actions? Is your partner just going through a rough patch – or is she cheating on you? Here’s how you can tell.

1. She doesn’t want you near her phone. It’s fine if she doesn’t want you looking through her photos, or something similarly private. But if she won’t even lend it to you so you can make a call, or check someone’s phone number, you may have a problem.

Couples are usually open to having their partners look through their phones when needed. So if she’s squeamish about it, she’s hiding something.

2. She’s stopped sharing things about her. This is more than her saying, for example, that she doesn’t want to talk about a problem at work. That kind of thing can happen now and then when she’s trying to work things through on her own. If she doesn’t talk about her day at all, or doesn’t share even little tidbits, then the odds are she’s sharing those with someone new.

3. She cuts off from you, emotionally. This is related to the above point. It’s not just that she isn’t talking to you about her daily experiences. If she’s indifferent to you, or isn’t discussing important topics with you, you have to nip this problem in the bud fast.

4. She doesn’t see you a lot. While space in a relationship is important, you still have to spend time together to keep the spark going. Legitimate family issues are okay, of course. But if she ditches your dinner plans and gives you vague or flimsy excuses, you’re right to be suspicious.

All in all, the sooner you learn she’s cheating on you, the better. Don’t have a partner yet and feel you need more experience? Browse the gallery at Gold Coast Escorts or visit Chloe Tantric Massage London to find the best courtesan for you, today!

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