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These days, a sex toy is no longer just for those solo loving sessions any more, but can be used together by couples – and that’s perfectly all right. The lovely ladies at Gold Coast Escorts know this all too well, and definitely have one or two favourites they can tote with them when needed.

With the many toys available on the market, which ones are best for those times you get together in the bedroom?

  1. LeLo IDA Couple Massager. If you’re not new to the game, this massager made for two is bound to become a favourite of yours. Designed to fit inside her alongside your dick, it’s bound to stimulate you both, and with 8 modes of stimulation, it won’t disappoint.
  1. JimmyJane Hello Touch X. It may look like something that belongs in a science fiction movie, but this pair of finger vibrators will make foreplay that much better. You don’t need to change up your routine. Just wear it, touch her in the right places, and the added stimulation will get her dripping in no time.

They’ll also feel wonderful on you, so you can both take turns.

  1. Rascally Rabbit. Cock rings help you last longer in bed, so that’s definitely something you’d want. This cock ring, though, has both a bullet vibrator, and an extension similar to the ‘rabbit’ vibrator, to stimulate both you and your lovely vixen. Whether you go slow or fast, she’ll be writhing with pleasure, and you get to enjoy the ride even more.
  1. Zini Deux. At first glance, it’s an egg – but it opens up further to produce two vibrators. That’s one for each of you. Use the rigid side on her labia and her clit to get her wet and moaning. The inverted one is for added stimulation for your package. Use them on each other at the same time, or take turns.
  1. Joya Sphere Couples Massager. It’s shaped like the yin-yang symbol, and each massager feels fantastic. Use one or the other to give your partner a great sensual rubdown before you get to the main course, or while going down on her. She’ll thank you for it.

Get first-hand experience by engaging a gorgeous femme from Gold Coast Escorts and have her bring a few of her personal favourites. One may end up becoming your favourite, too!

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