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Gold Coast Escorts –A Good Night’s Sleep & Good Sex Are Keys to a Happy & Healthy Life

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Who says that having a good night’s rest is the only key to and healthy and active lifestyle? Well, according to new research revealed by the Living Well Index, which looks at how people cope best with the stressed of modern life, a good night’s sleep and having a good sex life have far greater impact on our well-being than money!

A Good Night’s Sleep Has A Greater Impact Than a Four-fold Increase in Spending Money
If your hookup buddies, as well as your favourite Gold Coast Escorts are feeling quite sad and lonely, because they got little cash in their pockets, perhaps you should tell them that those who regularly get a good night’s sleep enjoy an improvement in well-being greater than the impact of a four-fold increase in spending money!

The Living Well Index experts say that better sleep is the biggest single contributor to living better, and over 60% of participants in a study who were included in the “living very well” group felt rested most, or all of the time, after sleep.

The Happiest People Who Slept Well Also Had a Great Sex Life
The Living well Index also said that the happiest people were also more likely to report being highly satisfied with their sex life. In a poll of 8,250 adults, almost two-thirds of respondents who say they slept well were also very satisfied with their sex life, or twice the average.

These individuals also admitted that having sex obviously made them feel good, and it also stabilized their energy levels, as well as strengthened their connection to their partners. The researchers also found out that real, and not virtual, interactions with people, friends and even casual partners, also made a difference, with 73% of respondents admitting to having strong support networks.

So, do you feel like you belong to those who get enough sleep, and have above-average sex lives”? If not yet, I guess you need to see your favourite Gold Coast Escorts more often!

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