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Gold Coast Escorts – A Deeper Look Into Sexual Addiction

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If you’re a movie fan and familiar with what’s going inside the showbiz scene and even in famous people’s private lives, perhaps, you’ve come across or heard the news about popular celebrities going into some form of rehab for their alleged ‘disorders’.

Sometimes, these celebrities hide from the public the fact that they are seeking therapy for hypersexuality. Would you ever think that the Gold Coast Escorts you’ve dated recently can be considered sex addicts, too, because that’s what they serve to clients almost on a daily basis? Now, that seems to be questionable!

As you hear the word, what flashes in your mind will certainly be a person who engages in sexual activity or activities 24/7, because you think that’s how sex addiction goes, right? Wrong.

Experts have discovered that hypersexuality commonly known as sexual addiction is caused by certain underlying factors that are not even sexual in nature. Meaning, such things have no relation to sex whatsoever.

Manifestations Of Sex Addiction

It’s just that the condition itself is manifested by an addict’s severe extreme or unusually intense cravings for and indulgence in sex. This disorder is a compulsive behaviour which is having adverse effects on the everyday life of the addict including his family and as well, his relationships.

Further, the addict is preoccupied with things sexual, for instance, fantasies, which he cannot control anymore, and eventually, causes him distress, not to mention, ruins his well being and all other aspects of his life. As the disorder advances, its negative impact also escalates.

Forms Of Hypersexuality

Most of us think there’s only one or two forms of compulsive sexuality because that’s what we’re accustomed to seeing (at least in movies), and these are uncontrolled masturbation and unlimited use of pornography. But no, there are several forms you never thought were a reality. These include obscene phone calls, child molestation or rape, exhibitionism and voyeurism. Note that all of them are illegal activities and the addict might become a sex offender although not all can be, in the same way that not all sex offenders are also hypersexual.

Records show that only about 55 percent of sentenced sex offenders are considered sex addicts. On the other hand, child molesters account for 71 percent of sex addicts. They are put behind bars in order to assure protection to the society against further victimising of more innocent people.

Intriguingly, people with compulsive sexuality does not aim for intimacy but extreme personal gratification when engaged in abusive acts. This is their way of escaping from difficulties or failures in their job, interpersonal relationships, etc.

Underlying Causes Of Sex Addiction

Research has confirmed that dysfunctional families (where addicts come from) and experiences of abuse as a child are what most likely trigger the compulsive sexual behaviour in adults. As proof, 82 percent of sex addicts were reported to have been abused sexually when they were kids, according to research. Their families themselves also were likely to practise substance abuse.


Now that you know, think if your obsession to masturbation and pornography is starting to impair some aspects of your life. Surely, no one from among the mouth-watering Gold Coast Escorts would want to frolic in bed with a sex addict!

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