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Gold Coast Escorts – 5 Moves Guaranteed to Turn Her On

In today’s world, women are more open to any kind of kink. The same can be said of the ladies shown in the pages of Gold Coast Escorts, but that doesn’t mean they don’t find ‘the classic moves’ sexy. In fact, they see these moves as exciting as the latest sex toy.

Gold Coast EscortsBut what are these moves that are deemed ‘classic’?

1. Hand in her hair. All of the gorgeous babes you’ll find on the site spend as much time on their hair as any other part of the body; it’s safe to say its their crowning glory. Start at her nape, because she’s extremely sensitive there, and slowly move upwards. Giving her hair a firm yet gentle tug while you’re kissing her is also a definitely sexy move.

2. Sweet talk. Little comments on how you love her soft skin, her perfect breasts, or anything about her body will get your little sex kitten feel better about being in bed with you. Guys don’t tend to say much while they’re getting it on, so actually doing so will score you points.

3. Vocal response. If she’s going down on you, don’t just run a hand through her hair to get all of you into her mouth. Let her take her time pleasuring you, while you just sit back and let your groans do the talking. Keep the screaming to a minimum – that’s only in porn films.

4. Hands all over her body. Take your time to explore her, not just her sex. Gently massage her thighs before lifting her hips and penetrating her. Fondle her breasts and nipples before letting your mouth and tongue take over.

Take your time to explore, because this will arouse her even more. When you actually slide in, get ready for the ride of your life.

5. Restraint. No need for rope or cuffs; use one hand to hold your vixen’s hand behind her head and press gently into the pillow or bed, followed by her other hand. Not only is this a mildly aggressive move that she secretly enjoys, it also exposes her breasts more.

These moves are simple, and you usually need only your own body to pull them off. If you want to see how effective they are, check out Gold Coast Escorts to find your own sex goddess, and pull one of these out of the bag.

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