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Gold Coast Escorts – 4 Times Breakup Sex Can be Good for You

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Breakup sex. That last bout of sex you have with a lover before you walk out of each other’s lives for good. For most people, it’s a bad idea. Why risk getting back together with someone you wanted to leave, when you can engage one of the sexy courtesans at Gold Coast Escorts and get your rocks off with no strings attached?

The thing is, if you do have breakup sex with your ex, you don’t have to beat yourself up over it. As long as you’re both emotionally mature to differentiate between breakup sex and make up sex, then there should be no problems. Besides, there are some instances where breakup sex is a good idea anyway. If you’re not sure what circumstances will make it okay, here’s a quick overview.

1. The love has faded. You meet up all the time, but you feel more and more like close friends instead of lovers. While you still love each other, it may have turned into something more platonic. If this is the case, one last round of passionate sex will ensure your relationship is going out with a bang.

2. The breakup is mutual. Sometimes, only one person instigates the breakup. There are cases where both you and your partner don’t see a future together, with no misery or hate. You may feel sad that you’ll soon be parting ways, but at the same time, you’ve accepted there’s nowhere for either of you to go. When that happens, breakup sex can be a form of bittersweet goodbye.

3. There’s no manipulation. You want to have sex one last time, and so does your partner. If neither of you manipulates the other into a few last hours of passion, then there’s nothing wrong with letting the last hug turn into something more sexual to ease the pain of the breakup.

4. It just happens. The thought of breakup sex didn’t even cross your mind. One moment, you’re sitting on the couch, reminiscing about the good times in your relationship. The next moment, you’re locked in an embrace and making out like there’s no tomorrow. If this happens, just remember you now have to stay away from each other, for your own good.

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