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Gold Coast Escorts – 4 Reasons to Follow the No-Contact Rule After a Breakup

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It’s easy to see how friends can become lovers, but can lovers become friends – and stay friends? It depends on many things, truth be told, but in some cases, it can only happen if they follow the no-contact rule. If you find yourself with the short stick of a breakup, nursing a broken heart, this rule is a good course of action – short of looking for Gold Coast escorts to help you take your mind off your ex.

The no-contact rule is exactly what says on the tin. You don’t call or text your ex just to say ‘hello’, and under no circumstances do you stalk their social media accounts for their latest photos from their latest outings. Nor can you go out to bump into them accidentally. The idea behind it is to help make it easier for people to stop reminding themselves of what they had and what could have been.

Do you really need to see your ex happily flirting with someone else and getting hit with an intense feeling of loneliness each time that happens? No, you don’t. But in case you’re not yet convinced, here are a few more reasons the no-contact rule is the best course of action.

1. You can’t be yourself around her. A breakup changes the dynamic in a relationship. Where you used to have no problems hugging your ex or kissing her on the cheek on a whim, there’ll be an awkwardness in the air when you remember you can’t do that anymore. If you’re not ready to handle that all the time, it’s best not to see them under any circumstances.

2. You find it hard to fall for someone else. When you stay in touch with your ex, you might feel that dating someone else is wrong. Even if you’re trying to find someone else, your breakup will keep lingering, and you’ll end up feeling uneasy and nervous the whole time.

3. You can’t move on. As long as you’re in some form of contact with your ex, you’ll always be reminded of how you miss the old relationship, making it harder for you to move on with your love life. The no-contact rule will help you find other things to occupy your time and fill in the gaping hole in your heart.

4. You need to heal. The more you see your ex or hear her voice, the more you’ll remember her and the harder you’ll find it to stop loving her. You can’t heal from the breakup when you’re focused on your ex, so not contacting her in any way will help make sure you recover.

If hiring one of the Gold Coast escorts you see online now and then will help distract you so that you can follow the no-contact rule, then why not do so? After all, there are no hard and fast rules, so long as you really don’t contact your ex. In this case, the end really does justify the means.


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