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Gold Coast Escorts – 4 Common Toxic Relationships You Need to Avoid

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Toxic relationships. You may think you’ll never find yourself in one, but before you know it, that’s exactly what’s happened. While toxic relationships aren’t limited to romance, there’s just something about dating someone with a toxic personality that makes it so abhorrent. It’s no wonder some blokes turn to the lovely and nurturing courtesans at Gold Coast Escorts after leaving such a relationship.

What is a toxic relationship in the first place? In general, it’s a relationship that is bad for you, for any number of reasons. That said, there are several types of toxic relationships, and here’s an overview of some of them.

1. Complaint central. Everyone has their ups and downs, but somehow, it seems like your lover is constantly at rock bottom. If she’s constantly whining about her problems, bad days at work, and other negative things, you could be forgiven for thinking she’s happy only when complaining.
While complaining is relatively harmless, the constant whining in this kind of toxic relationship can turn you into the negative sort, too.

2. Jealousy rising. A little bit of jealousy can give a relationship a little more spark, and in fact it can be cute. However, if your partner overreacts at, say, you laughing while on a phone call, or accuses you of being unfaithful just because she saw you talking with a female colleague, it’s no longer cute. Once jealousy affects your life in a bad way, that’s toxicity rearing its ugly head.

3. The smug put-down. “I told you so.” If this phrase comes out of your partner’s mouth a few times too often, that’s another kind of toxic relationship. In this case, your partner finds way to make you feel stupid or spoilt, instead of looking for ways to help you when something goes wrong.

4. Abusive love. Can it really be called ‘love’ if your lover abuses you in some way? Yes, even women can be the abusive partners in a relationship. If she threatens you in any way, it’s time to kiss her goodbye for good.

These are only a few examples of the toxic relationships you could encounter, as far as your love life is concerned. It’s best that you don’t wait for things to get worse before breaking things off. Then feel free to hire any one of the lovely babes at Gold Coast Escorts to help you recover.

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