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Gold Coast Escorts – 3 Ways to Tell She’s Faking

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There’s no bloke who’d want to learn that their partner is faking her orgasms. The problem is, sometimes, there’s no helping it. It doesn’t automatically mean she isn’t enjoying herself, though, and according to some gorgeous babes at Gold Coast Escorts, it isn’t completely your fault.

She could be faking it for a variety of reasons. For instance, she could be feeling insecure about not cumming each time you do the deed. Or she’s more tired than she’s letting on and wants you to finish so she can roll over and sleep. But how can you tell if she’s faking her orgasm? Here are the signs to look out for, as well as a few tips to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

1. She finishes around the same time you do. This is only plausible if you spent a lot of time on foreplay to really get her warmed up. If you didn’t, though, she’s faking. Women usually take longer to reach the finish line, so to speak. In this case, she’s faking because she’s worried about it taking too long.

Help her feel more comfortable with drawing things out by slowing down so you can last a while longer, and for her to really feel all the sensations that will eventually help her finish.

2. It’s a bolt from the blue. Have you ever had sex where it didn’t take long for your partner to go from hardly aroused, to seriously turned-on and having a fist-clenching, toe-curling orgasm? It’s true that spontaneous orgasms are a thing – but they’re rare. Usually, she’ll pull this kind of fake orgasm because you told her you were close to coming.

To help her stop focusing on the Big O as a goal, let her know that you want to find out what would make sex pleasurable for her and what will arouse her even more. That way, instead of just trying to get her to reach the finish line, you’ll both be focusing on the experience.

3. She doesn’t tighten around you. In a real orgasm, her vaginal muscles will clench around your cock a few moments before she finishes. If your gorgeous partner gasps out that that she’s about to cum, but you can’t quite feel it, then she’s faking.

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